Diversity Workbench

The Diversity Workbench is a set of components for building and managing biodiversity information, each of which focuses on a particular domain. Each component can provide services to the other components. DiversityAgents provides information for other modules like DiversityCollection and DiversityTaxonNames.

Module of the Diversity Workbench Description
Agents Administration of the agents, i.e. people and institutions which should be documented with e.g. their addresses
Collection Administration of the scientific collections and specimens within these collections
Descriptions Administration of the knowledge about descriptions of organisms and descriptions of any other item/ element/ entity
Exsiccatae Administration of bibliographic information and standardized abbreviations of botanical and mycological exsiccatae in a global index
Gazetteer A data collection to enable the linking of geographical records with the Getty Thesaurus of Geographical Names (TGN), the German GN250 database and other sources of geographical names
Projects Administration of (research) projects as well as data collections, data packages/ datasets processed by the other DWB modules
References Administration of bibliographic data about each kind of scientific publication
Sampling Plots Administration of individual sampling plots and assigned toponyms with their hierarchy
Scientific Terms Data collections of scientific terms from foreign sources like vegetation, stratigraphy, soil science etc. and for the description of parts of the specimen like bones etc.. 
Taxon Names Administration of taxonomic names, their synonyms and hierarchical position